Most people do not know this, but going to Los Angeles can be a real wallet breaker. From the cost of your hotel and travel accommodations to the souvenirs and restaurants there, it is easy to spend far more than you planned on. Here is a great way to have a blast in the city without going for broke.

Heading to Santa Monica is a great way to spend a day. There are places to shop, a beach and several other things that you can do without overextending yourself. Since there are many people that head to the pier each day, even if you don’t take advantage of the carnival rides, you are still guaranteed to have a great time.

Keep in mind that there are many food trucks in that area, which means that you can get your hands on some culinary delights that will not cost a bundle.

Another great idea would be to take a tour of the city in a luxury car rental. This is not the cheapest thing in the world, but it is definitely not the most expensive. This is a great idea for those who have never been to the city since it will be possible to see a little bit of everything for one price.

There are some tours that are less than $100 and they give you the opportunity to see everything from the Hollywood sign to the homes that the stars live in. It is even possible to find a coupon online, which means that you can save a little more.

This may sound like something out of the ordinary, but going bargain hunting is another great thing about Los Angeles. There are so many opportunities to find a great bargain if you know where to look. Retailers that specialize in low-cost items are all over the place.

In fact, this area is home to one of the largest dollar stores in the entire country. While other cities have stores filled with random odds and ends, some great things could be had if you go to the 99c store in the city.

If you want to get another taste of the city without spending a lot, you can head to Rodeo Drive. This may sound like the opposite of what you should do, but there is a method to this madness. Walking around window shopping and fantasizing about all the things you would like to buy can actually be fun for some.

While you are down there, stopping in a cafe and having a cup of tea of coffee can give you the chance to live like the other side without spending far too much.

Now that you have all of this information at your fingertips, you know that it is possible to have fun in Los Angeles without spending a small fortune. In a city that is known for being one of the most expensive in the US, it is great to have all of these options.