Unlike the general car insurance, the luxury car rental operators must go above and in fact beyond the usual safeguards to ensure they are renting to reputable and seasoned clients.

Established brands like the Gotham Dream Cars ask for a certificate of zero criminal background check, along with past driving record check and also credit check of the clients.  On top of it the company also takes a sum of then thousands as security deposit. Specialty Rental Cars doesn’t require any certificate of criminal background check but the company makes it mandatory to swipe actual credit card, and debits a deposit of upto $1,500 to $5,000.

Rent-A-Vette even takes a thumbprint and a scanned copy of the driver’s license for its record. This is in addition to the deposit which is equal to a day’s rental.

Luxury car rental insurance is something that is very difficult to come by. Most of the insurance companies are reluctant to even deal with the risk of insuring the luxury car because of very high value to it. In won’t be an exaggeration to say that they really don’t want to insure 

anything that is rented as they can’t tell what the overall risk it will involve eventually.For sure you have to search long and hard to find an insurance company that is eager to even give this type of business model a sincere shot.It is also important to ensure that you have 

company that is open to insure you no matter what has happened with your business. In case you have bad drivers, claims, issues with your current insurance, or any other grounds that you can’t be insured, it can most certainly cause some problems for your business.

Although the rentals in the US usually come with zero excess on the insurance, it is advisable to purchase the broad stand-alone excess waiver policy and insure things like wheels, undersides and windscreen- any damage to which is likely to be disqualified from rental companies' CDW, and you end up paying a fortune on expensive cars.

With decade long experience in the field we have specialized in writing all types of rental risks. We are eager to insure any rental company for any reason. We will even insure vehicles with very high values with focus of making the process easy. The USP of our organization is that we take pride in our claims management process and are capable to solve very complicated claims.