As the general population gets older, more and more people are traveling the world to see other cultures, people, and the sights. Once you get to a foreign country, you’re pretty much at the mercy of their public transportation to get around to the various locations on your itinerary unless you buy a tour, but then you’re stuck with their itinerary and time schedule, not your own.

One great option is to take that money you would have spent on the expensive tour and explore luxury car rental instead. That way you can visit whatever you want, spend as much time there as you desire, and not have to fight the crowds associated with tour groups. Here are some great tips on what to look for when renting a luxury car.

Make Sure You Check The Licensing And Insurance Details Ahead Of Time

There are some things that you’re better equipped to handle before you leave your home country since that is where your records are kept. To rent a car in another country, you’re going to have to show the proper drivers license and most of the time have a clean driving record as well.

Most companies will check your record but some would like a certified copy instead. Do the homework and have the documents ready or already submitted electronically and approved before you leave on your vacation.

The same caveat applies to car insurance as well. Some car insurance companies in the US will cover their clients when traveling to Canada, but not Mexico and never the EU. You can check with your company to see what’s covered and if you can extend it for a temporary vacation abroad.

Otherwise, check with your VISA, American Express, or other credit card company to see if you can get car insurance coverage for free if you charge the cost on their card. You might also check with AAA as they also may have options available too. It’s always best to have these details taken care of, and documents submitted, before you leave on vacation.

Make Sure You Follow The Rules Once You Get There

Renting a luxury car or exotic sports car in a place like Los Angeles comes with a certain amount of responsibility. These cars are expensive and there are rules on where you can go and how you can operate them. The first is, of course, no driving on dirt or gravel roads, only on solid pavement.

You can’t enter any road rallies or races, those are strictly forbidden as well. Plus, even though many of these cars can go extremely fast, you are to stay under the posted speed limit and no drinking while driving either. Some car companies will actually come get your luxury sports or exotic car immediately if they get reports that you’re driving erratically or irresponsibly.

With all of that, don’t feel as if you won’t qualify to rent the car of your dreams or any other car while on vacation. Millions of people do and have the best times of their lives. Get on the internet and design your own itinerary by reading travel forums and reviews from people just like you that have been there and written their experiences to help others just like you.